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Online Tools & Resources For Individuals

  o   IRS For Individuals
  o   Where's My Refund

  o   Employees
  o   Farmers
  o   Military
  o   Parents
  o   Self-Employed
  o   Seniors & Retirees
  o   Students

Online Tools & Resources For Small Businesses

  o   IRS For Businesses
  o   Small Business Association

  o   A-Z Index for Business
  o   Small Business Forms
  o   Employer ID Numbers
  o   Starting, Operating, or Closing a Business
  o   Employment Taxes

  o   Independent Contractor (Self-Employed) or Employee?

Successful Small Business Startup Steps

  o   Identify Your Business Opportunity
  o   Build a Business Plan
  o   Find Start-up Money
  o   Name Your Business
  o   Choose a Business Structure
  o   Get Your Business License and Permits
  o   Set Up & Determine Your Business Location
  o   Get Business Insurance
  o   Create an Accounting System


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